Packing Services

Shepcote can offer a contract packaging service to our customers in the UK on both Hand Packed and Machine packed products. Not only do we have an experienced and motivated workforce, we also have on site equipment to ensure a first class finish. We can supply all the materials if required and pack into sizes of your choice regardless of which service you choose.

Hand Packing Service

Hand Packing Service

Shepcote can offer a full packing service for any product that requires a hand finish. We can provide an own label service as well as give advice on finishes from swing tags to bows. Shepcote can also offer a dedicated production area for any products or packing materials that need segregation.

Machine Packing Service

Shepcote are also contract packers using the latest Multihead weighing technology and Vertical form fill and seal machinery with the option of a pillow pack or block bottom bag in various sizes. We can supply and print on bags or labels to brand your product as well as help develop your own pre-printed film to use on our machine for a packing contract.

All products are packed in our factory with the complete traceability as well as passing over checkweighers and through our metal detection system.

Additionally, we can arrange for the transportation of raw materials and the return of the finished product to one or more destinations of your choice.

Pre-Packed Range

Packed into convenient pre-packed retail quantities, our products are supplied in cases of 12 except where indicated. Alongside our regular and ever-increasing organic lines, we also supply speciality sugars in retail quantities. To assist our customers, we produce a number of starter packs containing an assortment of a particular range.

Both our regular lines and speciality sugars are carefully hand-packed and labelled in our own factory premises. All undergo stringent quality checks throughout the process. We can pack to individual customer requirements with regards to weight, packaging and labelling and also offer a contract packing service for those who wish to supply their own produce.

Damages: due to the unreliability of outside couriers, we cannot accept any claims for damages for Brandy Snap and Cigarellos.

Shepcote Delivery Fleet


There is no minimum order for goods delivered by us. For deliveries by outside carrier the following will be applied:

Parcel Carrier (no bags)

Minimum order £130.00. For orders under £130.00 a carrier charge of £10.00 is applied. Next day delivery the charge is £12.00.

Pallet Carrier

Minimum order £250.00. For orders under £250.00 a carrier charge of £40.00 is applied. Next day delivery the charge is £45.00.


By our transport

We deliver to the following post codes on the following days:

  • BD Thursday

  • BL Monday

  • DE Tuesday

  • DH Thursday

  • DL Thursday

  • DN1-DN12 Tuesday

  • DN14-DN38 Monday

  • HD Tuesday

  • HG Thursday

  • HU Wednesday

  • HX Tuesday

  • LE Tuesday

  • LN Monday

  • LS Thursday

  • M24 Monday

  • M27 Monday

  • NE Thursday

  • NG Tuesday

  • OL Monday

  • PE Monday

  • PR Monday

  • S Tuesday

  • SK Tuesday

  • SR Thursday

  • TS Thursday/Friday

  • WF Tuesday

  • WN Monday

  • Y01-Y04 Thursday

  • Y06 Friday

  • Y07 Thursday

  • Y08 Tuesday

  • Y010 Thursday

  • Y011-Y016 Wednesday

  • Y017-Y018 Friday

  • Y019 Thursday

  • Y021-Y022 Friday

  • Y023-Y024 Thursday

  • Y025 Wednesday

  • Y026-Y061 Thursday

  • Y062 Friday

Please note that orders must be in by 5pm two days prior to the delivery day (e.g. Monday for Wednesday delivery).