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At Shepcote, we produce a superb range of Marzipan, handcrafted and individually perfected to our own original recipe. Our Marzipan products are popular with blue chip companies across the UK, prestigious London stores and even, on occasion, countries in the Middle East and across the world

Hand Crafted Almond Marzipan

BRC AA Grade Quality Products

Seasonal Marzipan Supplies

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Hand Crafted
Almond Marzipan

All our Almond Marzipan is hand-crafted following our original recipe to ensure consistency of quality, flavour and appearance. We individually finish each of the items in our range, making them completely different to the mass-produced alternatives; they have a much smoother finish with no visible mould lines.

Wholesale Food

Our comprehensive range includes a diverse selection of food items available to purchase wholesale. The items in our range have been sourced from a number of suppliers worldwide to allow us to offer the best quality and prices to our customers.

Almond Marzipan

We offer a wide range of Almond Marzipan supplies to suit a range of different needs and occasions. These can be purchased in bulk and come in a range of different product sizes and case sizes, making them a good choice for those looking to purchase larger numbers of products.

Marzipan Wholesale Range

Award Winning Marzipan Supplier

Established in 1969, Shepcote is an award-winning, family-run, Marzipan supplier. We supply our perfectly prepared Marzipan products to prestigious stores and ship all over the world.

We are a proud well-established company with a passion for the Marzipan we produce to our own original recipe. We have been manufacturing handmade Marzipan confectionery since the very beginning and have gone from strength to strength to become the award-winning company that we are today.

Whether you are looking for stunning Marzipan fruits and vegetables as a special gift or special themed Marzipan products for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter, our incredible and delicious range has something to suit. All of our items are handcrafted, and hand-finished to very high standards to ensure consistency and quality that you simply won’t find from a mass-produced product on the high street.
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